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Firewire CYMATIC 5'0"-6'4"/Five Fin FCS II Linear Flex Technology White

$920.00 USD $920.00 USD

Firewire Cymatic

Brand: Firewire
Model: Cymatic 
Fins: FCS
Construction: LFT

Size Range

5'0" X 17 7/8" X 2 1/8"  V21.3
5'2" X 18 3/8" X 2 1/4" V23.9
5'3" X 18 5/8" X 2 5/16" V25.4
5'4" X 18 7/8" X 2 3/8" V26.7
5'5" X 19 1/8" X 2 7/16" V28.4
5'6" X 19 3/8" X 2 1/2" V29.7
5'7" X 19 5/8" X 2 9/16" V31
5'8" X 19 7/8" X 2 5/8" V32.9
5'9" X 20 1/8" X 2 11/16"  V34.3
5'10" X 20 3/8" X 2 3/4" V36.4
5'11" X 20 5/8" X 2 13/16" V38.2
6'0" X 20 7/8" X 2 7/8" V40.2
6'2" X 21" X 2 15/16" V42.5
6'4" X 21 1/4" X 3"  V45.2

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Product Overview

The Cymatic is a high-performance hybrid surfboard that combines the best features of two popular models: the Omni and the Sci-Fi. It is made of Linear Flex Technology, which is a lightweight, ultra-strong, and responsive material that gives the board a smooth and lively feel. The Cymatic comes in different sizes and shapes, depending on your preference and skill level. It is designed for surfers who want to have speed, maneuverability, and versatility in all kinds of waves.

Key Features

  • A fuller template and rounded nose
  • Increased overall rocker and exaggerated tail kick
  • A five-fin setup
  • Linear Flex Technology


  • A fuller template and rounded nose that increase the volume of the board. This means that you can ride the board shorter than your standard shortboard, which makes it easier to control and turn.
  • An increased overall rocker and exaggerated tail kick that give the board a tighter turning radius. This means that you can surf more aggressively and perform sharper turns in larger waves.
  • A five-fin setup that allows you to choose between FCS II or Futures fins. This means that you can customize the board to suit your style and the conditions of the waves.
  • Linear Flex Technology provides the ultimate in lightweight, ultra-strong, responsive construction.


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