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Firewire SUNDAY 5'6-7'3 Thruster Fin Helium 2 Black Rail Futures

Firewire Sunday




Construction:HELIUM 2

Firewire Sunday Surfboard: Ride More Volume and Relax

The Firewire Sunday is a versatile and performance-oriented surfboard designed for a wide range of wave conditions and skill levels. Inspired by the laid-back Sunday mornings of its creator, the Sunday is perfect for those who want to enjoy surfing without the pressure of high-performance waves.

Key Features

  • Generous volume and width for easy paddling and stability
  • Rounded pintail for smooth turns and control
  • Subtle concave bottom for added speed and lift
  • Durable and lightweight Firewire construction


  • Suitable for a variety of wave types, from small to medium-sized waves
  • Ideal for surfers looking to progress their skills or enjoy a relaxed session
  • Provides a smooth and forgiving ride, making it easy to catch waves and maintain control
  • Allows you to ride a larger board without sacrificing performance
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment on the water

The Firewire Sunday is a perfect choice for surfers who want to experience the joy of riding a high-quality surfboard without the limitations of traditional shortboards. With its generous volume and user-friendly design, the Sunday makes it easy to catch waves and enjoy a relaxed session on the water.

$920.00 USD $920.00 USD

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