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Florence Marine X T-Shirt ISOBAR ORGANIC Small-XLarge Light Blue Color

$35.00 USD

The Florence Marine X Isobar Organic T-Shirt commemorates one of the great swells in recent memory to grace the North Shore of O'ahu. With a buoy reading of 22 ft @ 17 secs, John endured some of the rides of his life on this day which you can watch in his short film 'Maps From Home.' The graphic on the front of the tee displays the actual isobar lines of the swell, while Surfline Lead Forecaster Kevin Wallis' report from the day is printed on the inside hem.

This T-shirt is made using 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is intentionally farmed in areas of heavy rainfall so nature can do its thing and harmful unnatural irrigation can be avoided altogether. This durable organic cotton will soften and become more comfortable with every wear.

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