Front Wax Pad Tree Sap

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The wax pad that's thin, feels like wax, made from Tree sap.

It's super tack in the beginning, so I recommend using a wetsuit top or rashguard in the beginning.  After your fourth or fifth session, you can go without a top.

The advantage is no need to rewax, it does not stick to your board bag or knit bag. When you need to replace just peel, no sticky residue so you can just reapply.

Surf wax has been an integral part of the surf experience for half a century, and for the most part, it works great. It’s the reason we can stick to our boards, maneuver them, do airs, get barreled—pretty much do everything that we have dreamt up so far on a surfboard. But in Hawaii, wax can be a real pain in the neck. Because the water is so warm here, even the hardest tropical waxes tend to melt off eventually, which means having to re-wax pretty much every time we paddle out. Plus, there’s the pollution that we are causing in the ocean with our wax, which is a bummer for everybody. And don’t even think about leaving your boards inside your car on a sunny day—there will be wax everywhere except on the deck of your surfboard, where it’s supposed to be!



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