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FUTURES Mayhem Honeycomb 5 Fin 3.0 Medium Rake Template Red


The Mayhem 3.0 Medium 5-fin set features an all-new template designed for modern high performance shortboards. The increased rake and base provide more resistance and bite for powering through turns, while the tapered flex tip adds release for quick transitions.

Key Features

  • All-new Mayhem 5-fin template
  • More rake and base for drive and hold
  • Tapered flex tip enables release
  • Tested in wave pools and with elite riders
  • Tuned for modern HP boards


  • Increased bite carving on rail
  • Maintains drive through tight turns
  • Freedom to make quick direction changes
  • Dialed for critical pocket surfing
  • Matches modern rocker curves


    Side Fins Center Fin
    Area 15.18 14.93 11.62
    Height 4.59 4.55 4.20
    Base 4.50 4.47 4.03
    Angle 6.5 SYMM 3.0
    Foil FLAT 50/50 80/20

    $190.00 USD

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