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Harley Ingleby (9'2-9'4) 4+1 Fin System Diamond Drive Xeon White

Fins: 4+1 FIN

Size Range

9'2" X 22 1/2" X 3  V69L
9'4" X 23" X 3 1/16  V76L

Product Overview

The Diamond Drive is a performance longboard that can handle a variety of waves, from waist-high to well overhead. It is made of Thunderbolt Technology, which combines fiberglass, EPS foam, and carbon fiber to create a strong, light, and flexible board. The Diamond Drive is designed for intermediate+ surfers who want to surf with style and versatility. It can support extended noserides, progressive turns, and controlled pocket and barrel rides.

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Key Features

  • Three-stage rocker
  • Diamond tail
  • 4 x 1 fin setup


  • The board has a low entry rocker, a flat mid-section, and a moderate tail rocker. This allows the board to glide easily on the nose, generate speed in the middle, and turn sharply on the tail.
  • The board has a unique diamond-shaped tail that provides more surface area and lift than a traditional pintail. This helps the board to stay loose and responsive in turns, while also maintaining stability and drive.
  • The board comes with five fin boxes that allow for different fin configurations. The board can be ridden as a single fin, a 2+1, or a quad. This gives the surfer the option to customize the board's performance according to the wave conditions and personal preference.
$1,670.00 USD

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