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Fins Unlimited Kanoa Dahlin PRO FIN 2+1 Longboard Fin 6.5"/Smoke Color

$98.00 USD

Kanoa Dahlin Pro Model Fiberglass

** Please see the photo the fin has a little chip


This is the original Kanoa Fin. All my fin templates developed after this fin were based on the same concepts used to design this fin. Height: allows for great Nose Riding and Stability. Rake: allowing your tail to hook into the curl. Minimizing tail slip. Also assisting in carving maneuvers. Base: giving you DRIVE, Stability and Control. By either adding or reducing a bit of each feature, I've created these fins to suite different kinds of surfers for any kind of surf break or condition. Remember to always chose a fin that is close in CHOOSE FIN SIZE to what you are comfortable with and by placing the fin in the proper place, you will maximize a fin's/ board's performance. Hope you enjoy my fins. Aloha Kanoa D.

6.50" 2 +1 longboard 9’6 or shorter 170 lbs or less
7.25” 2 +1 longboard 9’6 or shorter 170 lbs or more
8.0”  2 +1 longboard 10’0 and up (also great for funboards) 210lbs plus
9.0” SINGLE FIN longboard 9’4 and up open
10.0” SINGLE FIN longboard 10’0 and up open

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