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LOST Puddle Jumper AIPA Sting (5'4-5'6) FCS II Blacksheep

Brand: LOST


Fins: FCS II

Construction: BLACKSHEEP

Available Sizes聽

5'6 X 20.88 X 2.46 V32

Product Overview

Discover the PUDDLE JUMPER-STING, an evolved surfboard that enhances the classic Puddle Jumper with a winged squash tail and the innovative STING design. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned surfers, this board excels in small wave conditions, offering a perfect blend of stability and agility.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Tail Design- Features a winged squash tail for better maneuverability and a STING design at 18 inches from the tail, enabling sharper, more intense turns.
  • Wide and Stable Shape- Its broad shape ensures stability, making it easy for beginners to use while still allowing for playful and creative surfing.


  • Versatile Performance- Adapts to various wave conditions, suitable for all skill levels. It combines easy riding with the potential for radical maneuvers.
  • Durable and Stylish- Built to last and visually appealing, this board balances functionality with a striking design, ensuring both performance and style in the waves.

$965.00 USD

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