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Lost The Ripper FCS II (5'8) POLY

Brand: LOST
Fins: FCS II
Construction: POLY


The Lost Ripper Surfboard, inspired by Kolohe Andino and the legacy of the Rad Ripper, is the latest innovation from Lost Surfboards. Designed for the modern surfer, it strips away '80s nostalgia for a cleaner, contemporary approach to small wave surfing. This board is all about enhancing fun, agility, and performance in small waves.

Key Features

  • Modernized Shape: A more pulled-in nose and added rocker replace the traditional beak nose, facilitating smoother transitions. The deck and rails have been re-foiled for a more forgiving ride, while the tail is thinner and boxier with a subtle hip for improved performance in small waves.
  • Optimized Bottom Contours: Features a low overall rocker with a single to double concave/vee tail, ensuring speed, ease in paddling, and control for quick directional changes and aggressive surfing off the tail.
  • Lightspeed Construction: Utilizes an EPS foam core wrapped in biaxial carbon fiber, making the board lighter, more buoyant, and durable. This construction offers about 2 liters more float than traditional poly boards, enhancing wave catching and paddling.


  • Versatility: Suitable for both casual and aggressive surfers, The Ripper supports powerful maneuvers for advanced surfers and provides ease and speed for beginners.
  • Enhanced Performance: The modern design and Lightspeed construction improve small wave performance, making paddling easier and surfing more enjoyable.
  • Durability: Lightspeed construction ensures the board is stronger, more ding-resistant, and lighter, promising longevity and consistent performance.

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$780.00 USD

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