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RSC Sunscreen 1oz Clear (SPF 32)

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RSC Sun Screen SPF 32 - Clear

Real Sun Cover is an an Organic Skin Care line made right here in the USA. RSC is manufactured with simple easy to understand ingredients that will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun as well as the typical chemicals found in most modern sunscreens.

Zinc Oxide Non-Nano Sunblock

Organic Zinc Oxide is the main active ingredient in RSC. Many other modern sunscreens include harsh nano chemicals that must be absorbed into the skin to be effective. RSC products sit atop the skin, providing superior sunblocking ability without requiring absorption time or damaging the skin with the product itself, while still providing 97% UVB protection.

Broad Spectrum

The Sun has two types of harmful rays, UVA and UVB. UVB rays are what cause sunburns while UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply and are associated with wrinkling, leathering, and premature ageing of the skin. RSC broad spectrum sunscreen provides protection against both types of these UV rays, providing the ultimate in protection against all types of sun damage.

Fragrance Free & Baby Safe - RSC skin care products are all natural and fragrance free, making them baby safe and suitable for use on the most sensitive skin.

Biodegradable and Reef Safe - RSC sunblock is made with all natural ingredients which will not wash off the skin and create a hazard for sea life and the oceans fragile reef ecosystem.


Why are some SPF 50 and I still get red?

Some manufacturers claim SPF 50 or more for ‘mineral’ sunscreens, but often will use other ingredients in the formula that either are somewhat UV active but not approved sunscreens chemistries (which are often not UV stable and actually increase oxidative damage) or use anti-inflammatory ingredients that suppress the normal erythemal redness response that too much UV absorption induces, which is also an unsafe practice. Unfortunately the regulations aren’t sophisticated enough to recognize these issues with formulas. It’s also very easy to bias up the SPF evaluation test because ‘redness’ is scored by a human eye, and the scorer can have a different opinion of what constitutes ‘redness’ especially if the test is run by a company’s marketing department, which can result in higher SPF values, even though the real SPF value is not that high. Lots of problems out there. We use the max allowable zinc oxide concentration and I’ve never seen it more than SPF 35, and we have an independent lab do our SPF testing so there’s little opportunity for conflict of interest.


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RSC Sunscreen 1oz Clear (SPF 32)

RSC Sunscreen 1oz Clear (SPF 32)