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Firewire SCI FI 2.0 (5'6-6'6) Five Fin Futures Ibolic

Model: SCI FI 2.0
Construction: IBOLIC


The Sci-Fi 2.0 is an innovative surfboard design that offers enhanced performance and versatility.

Featuring a wide point forward of center, this updated version allows for a shorter ride with increased volume, along with a more pulled-in tail and rocker for a greater range and maintained small wave prowess.

The board is equipped with the revolutionary I-BOLIC technology, which provides preloaded structural flex, strength, and durability, without the need for external carbon layups or heavy laminations.

Key Features

  • Wide point forward of center for increased volume
  • More pulled-in tail and rocker for greater range
  • I-BOLIC technology for preloaded structural flex and durability


  • Enhanced performance and versatility
  • Ability to ride a shorter board with increased volume
  • Structural flex, strength, and durability without added weight


Learn more about the Sci-Fi 2.0

Recommended Fin: 5 Fin - F8/Endorfin

$920.00 USD

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