Lib-Tech x Lost: Puddle Jumper

Introducing the Lib Tech x Lost Collaboration, Puddle Jumper. This is a great all-around board that you can surf top to bottom. The wider shape of the board provides stability and makes it very easy to catch waves. This board is great for people who are transitioning from beginner to intermediate, intermediate, and those slowly getting into more advanced surfing.



The Puddle Jumper has been our best selling shortboard for the past five years. It's a great transitional board for those who are looking for something to improve their riding level. Hence, it works extremely well for beginners that want to jump to the next level, as well as intermediate folks who want to become more practiced/advanced. 

This board is best fit for knee high to slightly over head waves. But, there are plenty of people who take this out country and surf this in solid four foot Hawaiian surf.

The first thing you will notice about this board is that is has a wide tail. By its appearance alone you can tell it is made to catch waves really easily. But unlike other short, wide, flat, fat boards, this thing moves like a shortboard. Actually, the more you surf it off the tail, the better the board will respond. You can surf this top to bottom, no problem.

There is a lot of curve right underneath the front foot and this serves to loosen the board off the top. The tail is super wide, ensuring you to get up on the wave really quickly. It has a V on the tail so when you turn, this V actually holds a line. The wideness of the tail easily becomes inconsequential in light of the shape and the thinner rails.

Usually a wide tail board is super loose and as the surf gets bigger, it becomes exceedingly difficult to control. It's akin to being on a skateboard with loose front trucks, but you can rest assured that the Puddle Jumper isn't like that. Instead, it remains stable even in light of more ruggred surf. I've personally taken this out in solid four foot surf and it worked great!

You'll notice that if look at the bottom, it's wide and it feeds all the way through the board. Only tapering off into a V at the back end. This wide concave helps strike water right through the board, so it travels really well. It also doesn't get chattery in windier conditions, as its made with a special construction by Lib-Tech. So despite being an epoxy board, it won't surf like one.

Also, as a general note: while this board is designed for FCS I, FCS II also fits. Actually, in our experience the FCS II's fit in a little more snugly!