Lib-Tech x Lost: Round Nose Redux

Introducing the Lib Tech x Lost Collaboration, Round Nose Fish Redux. This board is based off of the revolutionary Round Nose Fish that Matt Biolos had shaped 27 years ago. This board excels at allowing you to retain control, especially during tight radius turns.



This particular model, the Round Nose Fish, is actually the Round Nose Fish Redux. The original Round Nose Fish came out about 26 years ago. This was the board that basically built up the framework for what "Lost" is today. They were one of the first companies that have created high performance, round nose boards. More than that, they were the ones who popularized it, as seen in the film 5'5" x 19 1/4.

But, despite being created from such a historic surfing staple, this board is also incredibly modernized. Naturally, the technology that is utilized to the craft the board is nothing short of eye-openingly innovative and fresh, but a lot of the details that go into this board are brand new!

You can pretty much surf this in any condition with any set-up. This is a very versatile board. You can surf this board in small knee high waves with a twin fin or a 2+1 set-up like the Mark Richards fin (where it has the big sized fins and a small trailer). But, you can also surf this as a quad or a thruster. Moreover, even in the midst double overhead waves, this board will hold. The swallow tail gives you a lot of control and drive, especially when you go from rail to rail. 

It’s a perfect board for intermediate to advanced surfers. If you are looking for a travel board, this is it! It's durable, 100% waterproof and it will handle pretty much any size surf that's out there. Well, ... as long as it's not like.... 50 foot waves.

But, for up to about 6-8 feet Hawaiian surf, it's perfect.