Ben Skinner’s Blender Model

When it comes to modern high-performance longboards, most people are looking for a blend of performance characteristics and that classic longboard trim that made us fall in love with the sport to begin with. British surfing champion and accomplished shaper has combined the two in what he appropriately calls the Blender—a longboard shape that combines the best of his Missing Link and Saving Grace shapes. The board is built for fatter, slower waves that have the occasional hollow section, such Riyue Bay on Hainan Island in China.

While this board has all of the requisite high-performance characteristics, it also carries a lot of width to help with drive through fat sections, and has a more relaxed rocker that also provides speed when the wave doesn’t. A single concave through the nose blends with a double concave through the center of the board, and eventually a vee through the tail, providing roll for maneuverability. With all of these design elements combined together, the Blender is a board that surfs well off both the nose and the tail, and thrives in waves up to around four to five feet. It is user-friendly for beginners, but also high-performance enough for experts who want to lay down heavy turns and spend time on the nose.

Ben designed this board specifically for the 2015 longboard world championships, and ended up placing third on it, proving his design and his surfing in one fell swoop. If the board is good enough for a world championship finalist, it’s good enough for us! Come on into the shop and check it out!



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