Smooth Sailing on Ben Skinner’s Smoothie Model

After observing the widespread success of his Blender longboard model (both under his feet at the 2015 world championships, and with his enthusiastic base of riders and customers), Ben Skinner decided to build a second version that is just a bit more performance driven. Starting with the Blender template, Skinner pulled in the tail to allow the board to handle heavier, hollower conditions, and to make it a bit more radical through turns. He also increased the nose rocker, allowing the board to be surfed more progressively, while still maintaining the ability to nose ride it smoothly. The board is 9'1" x 22 ¼" x 2 ¾", and measures in at 60 liters, providing great flow down the line and a lot of speed while paddling. It comes stock with a 2+1 setup, so you have a large single fin in the middle for that classic longboard feel, plus stabilizers on the sides to allow for more top-to-bottom surfing and high-performance carves.

Integrating the Thunderbolt Technology materials and construction techniques, the Smoothie represents the future of high-performance longboarding, both in terms of shape and technology. We have had these boards at Hawaiian South Shore for a while now, and everyone is blown away by how well they surf. If you are looking for a high-performance longboard designed by an innovative, talented, champion-caliber surfer, the Smoothie just might be the answer. Once you get Skinner’s shape under your feet, it’s all smooth sailing from here on out.



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