Combing Classic and Modern With Ben Skinner’s Wrangler

When it comes to tapping into the timeless trim that we all fall in love with when we first start surfing, there’s nothing like a single-fin longboard. The smooth, drawn-out lines and stability on the nose have been drawing us back to this classic design ever since the Shortboard Revolution of the 1960s, and today single-fin longboards are as popular as ever. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with integrating a few modern elements into a classic design, and that is exactly what champion British surfer and renowned shaper Ben Skinner has done with his Wrangler model.

The Wrangler features a smooth, aesthetically pleasing, curvy template, with a bit more width up front and in the tail than most high-performance longboards have. The continuous rocker throughout with a little extra kick in the tail provides lift while on the nose, but also maintains maneuverability, making this a great option for those who want to blend seamless, classic turns with traditional nose riding. The rails near the nose are 50/50 for a forgiving, user-friendly entry point, while the rails near the tail feature a hard edge, allowing for more aggressive turning. Built as a dedicated single fin, the Wrangler comes stock at 9'2" x 22 ¾" x 2 13/16", and measures in at a beefy 66 liters, meaning you will have no problem scooping into anything that breaks. And the traditional shape is modernized by the high-tech Thunderbolt materials and construction process, making this classic log as modern as they come, without sacrificing the trim and flow that single-fins are known for.

 If you are looking to combine drop-knee turns with old-school style, this is the board that will take you there.


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