The History of “The  Sprout”

CJ Nelson’s Scorpion Bay section in the longboard film Sprout was one of the most memorable noseriding segments in surf cinematography history. CJ’s mastery on the nose represented the perfect marriage of classic style and cutting-edge performance, and inspired the next generation of traditional loggers, including household names like Tyler Warren and Harrison Roach. But the board he rode in Sprout was just as important as CJ’s technique. Many consider that board to be the best noserider ever made, and it has been CJ’s go-to board for most of his career.

Designed by CJ and shaped by Ryan Engle, the pink board CJ rode at Scorpion Bay has come to be known as The Sprout (for obvious reasons), and is specifically geared towards technical noseriding in lined-up, symmetrical, waist- to chest-high point break perfection. This is the ultimate noserider, with timeless design elements that allow you to hang 10 indefinitely. But now the board has been released with a number of modern twists, including epoxy construction that makes for increased performance and durability. If you are looking for the ultimate noserider, your search ends here.


Wave Size: Small to med (1 - 6ft Hawaiian scale)

Skill Level: Beginner to professional

Fin set up: Single fin

Construction: Epoxy unidirectional cloth (surfs like a regular fiberglass board but with way more strength)

The board’s core (blank) is EPS closed-cell foam with a T-shaped fiberglass stringer that is placed strategically so the board has flex in the nose and twist in the tail.

Flex in the nose adds more control when you noseride, while twist in the tail makes for more speed and better turning.

The board is not funky and corky in the water like other  Epoxy boards


Shipping Outer Island - $35 COD.  We pack and Deliver to Honolulu Aloha Air Cargo you pick up and pay Aloha Air Cargo.    



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