Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive Performance Longboard 

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. But if you are looking  for the ultimate small-wave performance longboard, it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy—Harley Ingleby’s Diamond Drive is the answer. Built with a three-stage rocker that allows you to ride the nose, walk the length of the deck, and turn from the tail, this is small-wave surfing at it’s best. The front third of  the board has a small concave blended into the convex deck for  sustained nose-riding, while the contour through the middle of the board is a spiral v that gives way to a double concave through the fins and a flat tail for speed and drive in turns but support when you are up front. It really doesn’t matter what you want to do on your longboard—the Diamond Drive will let you do it.

Multiple-time world champ Harley Ingleby has worked with shaper Billy Tolhurst since he was 12 years old, refining their longboard shapes until they have become some of the world’s best. But their excellence isn’t limited only to the boards’ shapes. Ingleby and Tohurst use THUNDERBOLT epoxy technology to produce the lightest, most responsive longboards possible, yet without sacrificing strength. In fact, these are some of the strongest boards on the market! 

The Diamond Drive is intended to be ridden as a thruster or 2+1, a nod to it’s performance-driven design. When it comes to ripping, trimming, and styling small points, there’s nothing better.

Description from Harley Ingleby -

This surfboard has a three stage rocker developed for the small waves with long wall that we all love to ride longboards on – up to the front for noseriding – in the middle of trimming – down the back for turning. The nose area has a very slight blended concave within a light convex bottom, which transitions into a spiral V with double concaves and a flat tail behind the fins. Designed with Thunderbolt Technology, the Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive is the perfect small wave performance board to complement the HIHP. Shaped by Billy Tolhurst.


Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive Model

Video Transcribed: Starts at 0:47

Harley Ingleby - My Diamond Drive model is - it's my all round performance longboard for small waves. The big difference between the HiHp to the Diamond Drive is, the Diamond Drive has a 3 stage rocker. So it paddles a lot better, trims a lot better, nose rides better. 

From a planing shaped point of view, we pulled the curve back. So the HiHp is quite a straight curve, good for more driving good waves where that Diamond Drive needed to be able turn in the pocket a bit tighter. More plane and shape curve sort of behind, between your feet. 

I think the Diamond Drive's probably the best all round performance longboard for most people. But obviously the Hp's really good as well. 


Video Transcribed:

Harley Ingleby -  (Start 1:49) - Billy Tolhurst and I have worked really closely for over 15 years. And, we’ve not only always tried to push ourselves about shapes and designs, but also with different blanks and laminations. We’ve been working for a couple of years behind the scenes with Thunderbolt Technologies. It’s just been amazing to work really closely with them and push that to a new level. I’ve worked with other sandwich constructions before, which have been okay, but to be able to work with Thunderbolt Technologies and I’ve really had to focus on how it actually feel under your feet and the response you’re getting back and all that sort of stuff, it’s just been next level.

(3:06) - It’s been really good not being stuck with the one exact lay up or exact flex pattern from board to board. Different boards, cruiser or whatever, they’re all developed for different kinds of waves. The others slightly tweak the layouts and stuff for a performance for their cruisers or small wave board. (3:28) Thunderbolt Technologies are PVC, double sandwich construction with varying amounts of carbon pressed in there as well. But, it’s their secret construction techniques that I really feel that separates them from all others. We’ve come to realize that there’s a need for a two-weighted flex pattern, so we’ve decided to call them THUNDERBOLT RED and THUNDERBOLT BLUE.

THUNDERBOLT RED being the most flex and the lightest. So, all-around performance and basically just trying to replicate my best ever contest board, but it’s going to be a whole lot stronger.

THUNDERBOLT BLUE is our stronger, stiffer construction. I was chasing another flex pattern and weight for bigger hollower waves . Basically, we just beefed up the fiberglass of it all, instead of just the carbon strip, it’s a complete carbon wrap all over. Plus varies  other strips in there to get the flex just how we want it.

(4.38)Billy Tolhurst and I, we’re really proud of our range. I think depending on your size and weight and where you live and the kinds of waves or your ability level, between the Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Blue, I think in the series there’s a perfect board for you.




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