Exclusive in Hawaii at Hawaiian South Shore the Libtech and Lost Surfboard’s collaboration series.  Each Libtech surfboard is Handcrafted by surfers in the USA near Canada at the world's most environMENTAL board factory!

Lib Tech’s focus on environmentally sustainable boards has led to the adoption of a manufacturing process that does away with the need for sandpaper, solvents, and brushes, further minimizing waste and pollution. The process is also healthier for board builders, and reduces the buildup of waste from leftover board-building materials. Excess materials are ground up and used as mulch in the yard surrounding the Lib Tech factory, and between 40–50% of the materials used in creating the board’s cores are recycled. 

The epoxy construction also leads to stronger and more durable boards that don’t often snap, and are relatively impervious to dings. The fibers are extremely resilient, providing active rebound and memory, as well as high tensile strength. A board that is so versatile and strong is a perfect travel companion, as it handles the lumps and bumps of airplane flights and frequent portage. A broken or dinged board can ruin a surf trip, but with Lib Tech’s durable construction you can rest assured that you and your board will get there in one piece, and be ready to rip when the waves are pumping.

Epoxy boards are criticized by some as being overly buoyant and chattery in the wind, but Lib Tech has overcome these hurdles with their latest models and high-tech construction. Rubberized fiberglass rails provide increased flex, and the stringer across the board provides even more spring and life. Best of all, the board rides like a standard PU board, so there’s none of that corky feeling that some epoxy boards suffer from. And the wide range of shapes include high performance boards, hybrids, grovelers, and even a number of models from …Lost shaper Matt Biolos, meaning there is something for just about everyone in Lib Tech’s quiver.

Whether you are a crossover snowboarder looking to diversify your LibTech quiver, a longtime surfer looking for a sustainable alternative to your polyurethane board, or a beginner searching for your first surfboard, LibTech is a legitimate option in a market saturated with pretenders.


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