This will be your favorite longboard if you’re small, your favorite shortboard if you’re big.” - libtech

The unusual nose concave and extra rocker will not plow. It’s good for beginners so they don’t pearl and perfect for advanced riders that like to take off late on steep waves.

Tail is wide to carry you into the wave and flat sections on those junk days. Concave deck for easy to paddling and control when you surf. Channeled rails make it easy to place you hands on and stand up.

The Extension Ramp takes an average day and makes it epic for surfers of all abilities.

This Extension Ramp ONLY comes in 6’6” x 17.25" x 22.5" Volume 43 L



 Need Help in figuring out your Volume  Click the Chart Below or Email us we'll help


Shipping Neighbor Island

We ship via Aloha Air Cargo COD about $35 plus fuel charges.  We will not charge you for packing and delivery to Aloha Air for Libtech surfboards.



Libtech changed everything in surfboard manufacturing. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct these surfboards are made from new material to.
By going green is even better. But going green usually means giving up that traditional foam feeling we all love. Not with Libtech boards or what they like to call  it waterboards.

They float, flex and surf like a regular fiberglass PU surfboard.

So take it out in any condition and have fun. Plus, you don't have to worry about strength. The lib tech boards have a special skin on the deck and bottom that’s really Hard to Ding but not impossible. 

But If you do ding it… No problem, the foam is 100% waterproof, so the board will NOT get waterlogged and you dont need to dry it out for a mounth like some other EPS boards on the market. 

What are your surfboards made of?

We have completely redesigned the surfboard manufacturing process from the bottom up. Our new process shares nothing in common with contemporary surfboards and snowboard manufacturing. Over 30 intricate pieces go into each board, yet only the 10/24 stainless fin screws are status quo to the surf world.”“With our new process called “Isotropic Fusion” we are building super ding-resistant boards that have high energy return (liveliness) and a silky-smooth timbre even in choppy surf. We have a new foam chemistry, new fibers, new vibration dampeners, a new matrix, new fin boxes, our own fins, even our own lightweight leash plugs, and much friendlier manufacturing methods that have eliminated sandpaper, tape, paintbrushes, dust clouds and toxic solvents. 


Construction information for the technical person

What is that silver stuff on the side? NEW ELASTOMATRIX PERIMETER DAMPENING WEB The metallic fibers on the rails are rubberized to give the boards a silky smooth ride even in choppy conditions, and are Dang Difficult 2 Ding (2D2D). 

What are our leash plugs made of? Leash plugs feature anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pins and a super light fiber-composite cup.


What is up with the honeycomb? Our Hexzylon Fiberfoam skin is the work engine that also greatly enhances ding resistance and break strength while also introducing an element of dampness to the whole board, meaning these boards have a silky, smooth ride even in choppy conditions… like a musical instrument with fine tuned acoustics.

Is it epoxy or polyester? Instead of toxic industry-standard polyester or old-fashioned epoxy, we use a new chemistry we call LVR43 HIGH REBOUND MATRIX that has higher elongation, extreme ding resistance, and responsive rebound.

What is the core? It is a brand new core called, LIGHTWEIGHT POWERPOP AIRSPRING CORE. Our exclusive closed cell alloy formula will not absorb water, is springy like a trampoline, contains up to 50% recycled content, and uses ozone friendly blowing agents. All offcuts go back into the process of making new blanks. This is a new formula that didn’t exist a year ago.


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