Going Green With …Lost’s C4 Construction

Matt Biolos and …Lost have been at the vanguard of surfboard design and construction for decades now, dominating the southern California surf scene and building some of the most cutting-edge boards available. And now, just to take things to the next level, many of the …Lost boards are available in the C4—carbon cork capped composite—construction. 

The C4 construction aims at integrating sustainable, natural, renewable cork into the materials used to build boards, creating lightweight, durable, functional boards that are also eco-friendly. The C4 technology was developed in collaboration with Drew Bagget from Old City Composites, and involves taking a 1.5 pound EPS foam blank and wrapping the full deck with 1.5 mm of cork. This cork deck increases strength without adversely increasing weight, and also provided dampening which helps improve performance.

The C4 builds on the C3 technology, which used exposed cork—but takes it one step farther by sandwiching the cork between fiberglass layers. Doing so increases the tensile strength and creates a ding-resistant, durable board while still maintaining low weight for high performance surfing. 

Cork is harvested from trees, and can be grown naturally and sustainably, making it a great option for eco-friendlier boards. The trees are not cut down to create cork—rather, it is harvested from the trees from time to time. This does not harm the trees, as they simply re-grow their cork coverings again, much like a soft form of bark. Thus, cork is the only material used to build surfboards that is truly renewable and sustainable.

Because the cork is dense while still remaining light, it dampens chatter from the board riding over chop on the waves face, and other vibrations caused by flexing and torqueing, thus creating a smoother ride that is more conducive to high-performance shredding. Fused carbon adds strength and responsiveness, helping the board to flex in a lively manner. If you are looking for the latest in high performance boards with durable, lightweight, eco-friendly construction, C4 is the answer.

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