Performance and Sustainability with …Lost’s Puddle Jumper HP in C4 Technology

A mainstay of the …Lost quiver, the Puddle Jumper HP is a revved up, slimmed down variation on the classic Puddle Jumper, designed for high performance surfing in somewhat gutless surf. The pulled-in nose and moved-back wide point allow the board to shred like a normal shortboard, but the volume of the Puddle Jumper is still maintained, providing paddle power and speed down the line, particularly when groveling through soft, slower sections. This board is the ultimate marriage of speed and maneuverability, bringing the fun back to summer time shredding with a high-performance groveler that is as fun to ride as it is easy to paddle.

The Puddle Jumper HP is available in sizes ranging from 5'0" to 6'6", with a healthy dose of volume ranging from 24 liters in the 5'0" to 47 liters in the 6'6". In other words, you want to ride this board a few inches shorter than your normal shortboard, but not quite as short as the classic Puddle Jumper. Coming standard with a shred-savvy squash tail and five-fin setup, the board can be ridden as either a quad or a thruster, depending on the conditions and your style of surfing.

Taking the Puddle Jumper HP to the next level is the option to order the board in C4 construction. C4—carbon cork capped composite—is a new, high-tech board building technique available on many …Lost boards. Using a cork-wrapped deck layered between sheets of fiberglass to increase strength without increasing weight, this C4 construction also draws on the cork’s ability to dampen chatter and make the board ride more smoothly. This smoother ride means less hiccups in your surfing, so you can focus more on performance. The integration of fused carbon also adds strength, as well as liveliness and pep to the boards, making them more responsive. In fact, the C4 boards seem to be the most performance-friendly option for …Lost board construction.

But the best part about the C4 materials is that they don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for performance. In fact, cork is the only truly renewable material used in surfboard construction today, making this one of the most eco-friendly board building options available. A modern twist on a classic design with eco-friendly materials and a whole heck of a lot of performance and fun? Sounds like a winning combination. Once again, Matt Biolos and …Lost have taken performance surfboards to the next level.

Puddle Jumper HP

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