C4 Construction Takes the …Lost RNF to the Next Level

Matt Biolos and …Lost are known for bringing the fun back to surfing—and perhaps their greatest contribution has been leading the resurgence of short, wide, flat-rockered boards styled after the fish design of the 1970s. These fish hybrids are all over the place now, filling lineups with happy, frothing surfers who are rediscovering the speed and drive that comes with a bit of extra volume and a bit less rocker—especially in waves that tend to be a bit fat and slow.

While there are dozens of short, stubby models in the …Lost arsenal, the RNF Retro is one of the most similar to the original fish. Featuring the well-loved RNF (round nosed fish) curves up front, it uses a classic, deep swallow tail in the back, drawing on the early fish designs of shapers such as Steve Lis. At 10 inches wide from the tip of one swallow to the other, this is the widest tail in the …Lost quiver, which equates to more surface area and speed through flat sections. The two pins created by the swallow tail provide control for the quad fin setup (a modern twist on the classic fish twin fin), and allow for a tighter turning radius on a board that is wide and would otherwise be somewhat unwieldy.

The RNF Retro integrates a few modern twists, such as a mild single to double concave up front, giving way to a classic spiral vee under the fins and through the tail of the board. This gives the board precision in turns, but doesn’t sacrifice the glide that characterizes the retro fish design.

Adding to the Cadillac feel of the RNF Retro is the option to have it made in the C4 construction. Using sustainably harvested cork to strengthen the board and dampen chatter introduce by wind chop and high speed vibrations, yet without sacrificing the lightweight properties of modern surfboards, this C4 technology takes a classic ride and smooths it out even more, giving the RNF Retro another level of flow and class, enhanced by the knowledge that your board is about as eco-friendly as it can be.

RNF Retro

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