Lib-Tech x Lost: Short Round

Introducing the Lib Tech x Lost Collaboration, Short Round. This is what you would call a perfect hybrid model. The design allows you to catch waves extremely easily, but still retain that high perfomance shortboard feeling.




The Short Round is a hybrid board that bridges the gap between a round nose groveler and a high performance shortboard. This is perfect for the person who is looking for a board to ride on small days, but will still easily hold its ground (or in this case, still be able to excel) in bigger surf.

The wider nose makes it easy to catch waves, also as the body thins out, you can be assured that you will still be retaining control down the line. You can be front footed or back footed on this board and it will still surf impeccably. This is especially useful for people who plan to transition between boards. You won't develop any pesky habits, and you should have no trouble adjusting stance to and from boards.

This board will surf well in waist high to slightly over head waves (at about six feet). It's a very good in-betwen board when you're not certain about surf conditions.

As a note, for those of you who are curious! While the box looks like it would fit Futures, it's actually meant for FCS I. Though, we found FCS II also works. Actually, with FCS I, we found its best if you just keep it in the middle and take it down that way so it doesn't crack the fin tab. FCS II's fit a little tighter, but I personally like it and have no trouble with it!