Carbon Like You've Never Seen It Before
Molded carbon fiber made in Huntington Beach, California that delivers every bit of performance you’d expect from an upgrade fin at a Balanced Ride Number. Incredibly lightweight & resilient, Alpha is the first of its kind; created using one-of-a-kind materials and new technologies developed by Futures

Compound 6
Carbon & Air Infused
Compound 6 is our brand new material blend that is lighter than Honeycomb and the next step in innovation for Futures. Infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber and the lightness of air, C6 is the most advanced injection fin material ever created. Working with the talented team at 3M, we were able to combine two key features  that make Compound 6 so impressive.
Carbon Infused
Lightweight & Resilient
First, we infused carbon fiber which has a higher strength to weight ratio than fiberglass. By replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, the Alpha line is more lightweight & resilient than your standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.
Air Infused
Lightweight & Strong
Second, we infused air. Yes, air! With our friends at 3M, we were able to develop a one-of-a-kind composite material that creates air pockets in the fin to reduce weight without sacrificing structural integrity.
Flow Texture
Decreased Drag & Fin Hum
After testing various surface geometries behind a jet-ski, we found a 3D flow texture that controls the separation pattern and influences the boundary layer to reduce the hydrodynamic turbulent wake drag. The result is a more predictable and efficient flow with a significant reduction in the audible whistle heard while surfing called “fin hum.”

Re-Designed Flex
Stable Base. Springy Tip.
With the added resiliency & strength of carbon fiber, we were able to go back to the drawing board and restructure the profile geometry of our Alpha line. The strength of the fibers allowed us to modify the flex pattern by removing material from tip for more spring and adding it to the base for more drive.

Precision Tooling
Steel Molds Made In-House
At Futures, we’re professional mold makers. Have been since day one. We designed, cut & polished molds for the Alpha line at our headquarters in Huntington Beach. This level of involvement with our product is what allows us to push beyond the boundaries of what’s expected from your surf equipment.
Flat Foil
Reliable And Familiar
The Flat Foil is the most available foil in the Futures line and is a very reliable option for all conditions. You will find that they work especially well when making late drops or stalling for the barrel are your primary concern because of their controlled and stable feel.

Made In USA
Huntington Beach, California
The first fin born out of Morpheus is ALPHA! We are proud to announce that every material, dimension, mold tool, and manufacturing process available in the USA was carefully chosen in development of this fin. Click play and get a glimpse behind the scenes at Futures.

Comes in 3 truster sizes and 2 quad sizes

F4 - Small (105lb - 155lb) (47kg - 70kg)
F6 - Medium (145lbs - 195lbs) (65kg - 88kg)
F8 - Large (180lb+) (80kg+)

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  • Futures Thruster Alpha F6 (Medium)
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  • Futures Quad Rears Alpha QD2 3.75
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  • Futures Quad Rears Alpha QD2 4.00
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