Takayama Halo Center Thruster 5"
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Takayama Halo Center Thruster 5"

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 BRAND:  Donald Takayama 
 SIZE:  5” — Center Fin for Longboard Box Thruster Size
 COLOR:   Smoke
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION:   The Halo ( “HALO”  means fin in Hawaiian) fins were designed by Donald Takayama. He made these fins to give your board more speed and increase the pivoting (shorten the turning radius) of your board.

 SURFING ABILITY:  This is perfect for beginners who want to advance with easier turning on their board, as well as for advanced surfers that want to supercharge their board.

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The  CENTER FIN  is more upright compared to a normal rake fin, which makes the board pivot and turn tighter in a small radius. This will make your board feel shorter. The tip has a larger surface area than 90% of the fins on the market today. The larger surface area will help you generate speed and rounded edge will release the water much faster than a traditional fin making it easy to cut back without a lot of effort.

When you surf with these fins you notice you can stand almost center of your board, to turn it and pump it as though you’re standing on the tail.

Above is the link for our fin size chart. This is catered towards longboards. If you're looking for other fins feel to   CLICK HERE   to go back to our main Takayama Halo Fins page.

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