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Firewire "Mashup" Surfboard Review

REVIEW: Firewire Mashup

Know this surfers experience riding the Firewire Mashup with the 2+1 fin setup! At 5'7" and 143 lbs, he's riding the 5'4 Mashup Surfboard , which he says has been working out great. He talks about how fast and easy the board is to catch waves with, allowing him to grab small waves 100 yards from the peak. The 2+1 fin configuration gives the Mashup a lot more speed and drive down the line once he's up and riding.

Overall, this review is coming from an experienced surfer who loves how quick and responsive the Mashup is, especially with the 2+1 fins. He finds it fast, easy to paddle and pop up on, and a blast for generating speed to attack the waves. So if you've been curious about the Mashup or what a 2+1 fin setup brings to the table performance-wise, don't miss this firsthand look at the board from a rider who is getting the most out of it!

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