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Firewire REVO Surfboard Review: Exploring the Two Plus One Setup and Quad Fins

Firewire REVO Surfboard Review at Hawaiian South Shore


Brandon (5'9" to 5'10" and 165 pounds) is picking up another Revo from Hawaiian South Shore 😂 and can't resist talking about his experience with the board. Brandon is riding the 5'8" Revo, which has 33 liters of volume, and he finds it incredibly responsive and the fastest board he's ever owned.

He also talks about his experience with the two plus one setup and how it has been a lot of fun for him, especially in small waves. He even finds that it holds up well in bigger waves and gives him the same kind of projection while adding a little flare to his turns.

Brandon used to ride standard shortboards around 5'11" to 6'0" with around 33-34 liters of volume. He then tried out a Firewire board and loved the lift and float it gave him over sections.

He now uses a Merrick sides and a generic middle fin for his two plus one setup, and Dan Mans fins for his quad setup on weaker days. Overall, Brandon is addicted to the performance of his Revo and can't resist picking up another one.


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