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Hawaiian South Shore's Own Longboard Fin Line KAIMANA

Hawaiian South Shore’s Own Longboard Fin Line KAIMANA

Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we are excited about a lot of things—surfboards, fins, longboarding, you name it! And every once in a while we get to take that excitement and turn it into something tangible and concrete.

Recently, we combined a few of our passions and developed a line of Hawaiian South Shore longboard and mid-length fins.

Made from a special form of G10 material that is even lighter and stronger than normal G10, and that’s pretty impressive, considering G10 is the industry standard for single fin construction.

Renowned shaper Dan Mann once told me that he loves the feel of G10 fins, and also appreciates the fact that they don’t chip when you bang them on something, like normal glass fins. G10 uses epoxy and fiberglass laminate and is used in a number of different industries. Fins made from this material are extremely durable, but also offer the advantage of controlled flex in the tip, which helps your board adjust to the contours of the wave and accelerate out of turns.

Hawaiian South Shore's Own Longboard Fin Line KAIMANA

Our line of fins is called the Kaimana, which combines two Hawaiian words—Kai, which means ocean, and mana, which means power. As the name suggests, these fins are built to add power to your surfing, whether you are on a nose rider, a high-performance longboard, or a mid-length.

The Kaimana fin collection features a traditional rake fin outline and comes in 7", 8", 9", and 10" options. The 7" and 8" fins feature a thinner foil for increased release through turns and are perfect for mid-lengths and 2+1 setups on performance longboards. The fins are machined in order to dial in this super sensitive foil, resulting in a consistent fin design that is reliable and effective. Meanwhile, the 9" and 10" fins provide added hold and drive and are perfect for traditional single-fin longboards and noseriding.

Regardless of the type of surfing you do, these fins are the perfect complement to your quiver. If you are looking to liven up your surfing or simply discover a new feel on an old classic board, the Kaimana fin series is the answer.

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