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CJ Nelson "Outlier" Surfboard Review by Christian

REVIEW: CJ Nelson Outlier

Christian shares his experience with the CJ Nelson 7'6 Outlier surfboard. He  described it as highly versatile, excelling in various wave conditions. Christian has been using the CJ Nelson 7'6 Outlier for about two months and praises its wave-catching ability, especially at its length, and its performance in both small and larger surf conditions. He enjoys surfing from the middle of the board, highlighting its speed and the fun of riding it as a single fin, which offers a pivot-like feel.

The board's performance in different wave heights is discussed, with Christian noting its speed and control, particularly in 3-5 foot waves. He emphasizes the board's lightness and its ability to float well, allowing him to catch and ride waves in small surf despite his weight of 154 pounds. Christian typically prefers fishes and twin fins, but he expresses his love for the CJ Nelson 7'6 Outlier, particularly for its performance and control. This is Christian's first Thunderbolt board, and he appreciates its professional-grade quality, although he notes that it feels a bit kickback in choppy conditions due to its EPS construction.


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