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LOST Rad Ripper


The Rad Ripper is a fun and fast board that brings back the ’80s vibe to your surfing. It is a groveler that can handle a variety of waves, from soft and small to hollow and big. It has a wide, flat, and skatey shape that gives you lift and speed, but also a sharp tail rocker that allows you to turn on a dime. It has a beak nose and a flat deck that add paddle power and stability, while the single wing squash tail enhances maneuverability and control.

  • A low entry rocker and a wide, planing squash tail with a single wing bump
  • A high tail rocker for quick and snappy turns
  • A flat deck for stability and acceleration
  • A polyurethane construction that is durable and responsive


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  • LOST (4)
  • RAD RIPPER (4)
  • 26L - 30L (3)
  • 31L - 35L (3)
  • 5'0" - 5'11" (4)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (1)