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FCS II H4 Quad Rear Uni Directional Carbon Accelerator Template Medium Smoke

FCS Builds the Future 


Engineered by FCS to revolutionize modern surfing, the futuristic H4 fin set combines a progressive design with space-age uni-directional carbon fiber technology and flex pattern. The side fins feature a hatchet-style tip for extra drive and speed with release, while the elliptical center fin reduces drag and enhances control.

  • Quad fin set
  • Hatchet-style side fins
  • Elliptical center fin


Constructed from high-density, uni-directional carbon fiber for superior strength, lightness and speed. The composite trailing edge morphs under load for drive through turns without compromising control.

Key Features

  • Blends traditional and hatchet-style outlines
  • Elliptical center fin reduces drag
  • Flexible trailing edge drives turns
  • Robotically constructed for accuracy
  • High-density uni-directional carbon fiber


  • Provides speed and drive with release
  • Enhances control and predictability
  • Allows fins to be pushed hard without losing control
  • Consistent, high-quality fins
  • Lightweight yet durable performance

Whether you are a professional surfer on the world tour or an everyman shredder out for his after-work session, I think we can all appreciate that.

$100.00 USD

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