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HwnSouthShore/ Rack Pads

HwnSouthShore Soft Rack Pads

Roof Rack Pads for your Surfboards. Protect your boards and car from scratch and carry them to the beach with style. Originally designed and made by Hawaiian South Shore.


    • This pack contains 2 x Rack Pads
    • NO ROOF BARS OR GUTTERS REQUIRED: Hawaiian South Shore Soft Rack goes directly onto your vehicle's roof. The non-skid padding will not scratch the roof of your car. No additional equipment needed to secure. It's a very easy way to transport a surfboard on top of the vehicle without expensive hard racks. NOTE: For long lasting use it's recommended to uninstall the Surfboard Soft Rack when not in use for a long period of time.  Just like any equipment UV sunlight will eventually break it down. 
    • HEAVY-DUTY SURFBOARD SOFT ROOF RACKS: This Surfboard Soft Rack holds up to 3 shortboards or 2 longboards on top of most vehicles (depending on board width and thickness). 
    • STRAPS: Heavy duty oversized nylon , UV treated webbing straps. Rounded end for easy feed thru buckle. 
    • CORROSION RESISTANT PROTECTIVE COVERED BUCKLES: Heavy-duty aircraft metal buckles with silicone casings protects against saltwater weather conditions and less likely chance of scratching your vehicle. 
    • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR CARS, TRUCKS, AND SUVs:  The Surfboard Soft Racks are universal so it will fit most types of vehicle you drive.
We recommend you twist the strap when installing so you don't get the humming sound when transporting. 

Also we believe it's best to have the tail facing the forward with fins installed and facing up. So if by chance you didn't secure it enough the length of the fin could prevent it from sliding further back. 
$80.00 USD

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