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Tudor Surfboards MESSIAH 9'4 Single Fin Butterscotch Clear Top


Brand: Tudor Surfboards
Model: Messiah
Size: 9'4 X 23 X 3

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Product Overview

Joel Tudor's Messiah model, which is another classic noserider shaped by Hank Byzak that is quite similar to the Model T. Come on in and check them out—you can’t beat a noserider designed by the godfather of modern noseriding!

Watch Exclusive Interview with Joel Tudor:

Key Features

  • Wide nose and deep concave
  • Narrow tail and pinched rails
  • Vintage design and color scheme
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship


  • These features help the board to stay on the nose and glide smoothly, allowing you to enjoy long and graceful noserides.
  • These features give the board a smooth and flowing feel, as well as some maneuverability and control in turns.
  • his feature gives the board a beautiful and nostalgic look, with a white deck, a yellow bottom, a black tail block, and red and black pinlines. The logo of Joel Tudor Surfboards is also displayed on the nose and tail of the board.
  • This feature ensures durability and longevity of the board. The board is hand-shaped by Hank Byzak, who has over 40 years of experience in shaping surfboards. The board is also glassed by Moonlight Glassing, one of the best glassing companies in the industry.

$1,830.00 USD

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