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Octopus Deckpad Biohaz 2 Black

Biohaz II

The best option for all your surfing needs is now available at Hawaiian South Shore: the Octopus Biohaz Deckpad. Its deckpad, which is made of high-quality materials and provides great grip and durability, enables you to ride the waves with comfort and assurance.

The Biohaz Deckpad will draw attention with its distinctive octopus-inspired design and help you stand out on the beach. You can maintain balance and control throughout even the most difficult actions thanks to its novel texture's outstanding traction.

Harry Bryant BioHaz II Signature Grip

12" x 12.8"

3 piece OCTO GRIP pad

5mm Arch / 45º-90º Kick / 30mm tall

$48.00 USD

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