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Octopus Deckpad Rastarobb Black

Rastarobb Black

Introducing the Octopus Deckpad Rastarobb Black – the ultimate surf accessory for serious surfers. Now available at Hawaiian South Shore. Made from premium quality materials, this deckpad is designed to provide unparalleled grip, comfort and durability, helping you perform at your best every time you hit the waves.

Featuring an eye-catching Rastarobb Black design, this deckpad combines style with substance. Its innovative texture ensures maximum grip and control, allowing you to pull off even the most demanding tricks with ease.

12.3" x 12.3"

RastaaaRobbb (Robbie McCormick) Signature Grip

Three piece OCTO GRIP pad

5mm Arch / 45º-90º tail kick / 30mm tall

$48.00 USD

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