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Carissa Moore Draws on Her Mick Fanning FCS II Fins in Second Win Event of the Year at Margaret River

Carissa Moore Draws on Her Mick Fanning FCS II Fins

Carissa Moore Draws on Her Mick Fanning FCS II Fins in Second Winn Event of the Year at Margaret River

Photo credit to FCS SURF

We recently did a blog post about fins and how they affect the performance of a board. As most of you know, there are a number of removable fin systems available, with the two most widely used for high-performance shortboards being Futures and FCS II. We believe that both systems have value and a bunch of great models to choose from. That being said, there’s no denying the fact that a lot of pros on tour are currently using the Mick Fanning FCS II model.

One of our local favorites—and arguably the best female competitor at the moment—who seems to love the MF FCS II fins is Carissa Moore. Carissa recently won her third Margaret River title, surfing on MF fins.



The win saw her move into second place on the rankings and set her up for another run at the title later this year. Carissa currently has five titles to her name and could easily add her sixth at Trestles in September. The win at Margaret River was Carissa’s second of the year, after starting the season out with a dominant performance at Pipeline. Carissa used her MF tri-fin setup from FCS II during the entire Margaret River event, and her solid rail-to-rail surfing in the tricky peaks of Main Break are a testament to how well those fins work.

The MF fins are super popular with competitive pros, likely due to the drawn back rake and distinct foil that causes the board to sit securely in the pocket, snap hard off the top, and draw long carves in the face. Built around Mick Fanning’s super-fast, super-precise style of surfing, these fins are exactly what competitors need if they are going to show judges that they have the power, flow, and mastery of fundamentals necessary to lay a foundation at the beginning of a heat, but still have something left in the tank when they need to take things to the next level for that heat-winning score.

Mick is one of the greatest competitive surfers of all time, having won three world titles 22 world tour events and finishing in the top five an impressive 11 times! It’s no wonder that the best competitive surfers of the new generation look to his signature fins to fuel their title campaigns. Mick’s fins are also great for the average, every-day surfer who wants to push their board a bit harder in the pocket and really tap into the source as they develop their power surfing. Check them out and see where your surfing will take you!