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CJ Nelson APEX Surfboard Review by John

APEX Surfboard Review

John shares his review of the 9'1 Apex board , which he recently purchased. This is actually his second review of the board, providing insights after using it for about a year and a half. Standing at five foot six inches and weighing 145 pounds, John explains that he previously rode a 9-6 classic board, known for its nose riding capabilities but wanted something more flowy and loose. Apex, a board that perfectly matched his desired style.

John recalls his first paddle and cutaway with the Apex, highlighting the noticeable difference in speed compared to his previous wooden board. Taking late drops was a breeze, and the board effortlessly maintained momentum through the wave. Turning on the Apex is a joy, requiring less force and easily releasing for smooth, flowing carves. When it comes to fins, John prefers the Power Flex 9.5, specifically the CJ Nelson model and the Flying Diamonds. He mentions that he tried a pivot fin but found it to slow down the board's performance. As for nose riding, John describes it as amazing and a great feature of the board.

Join him as he elaborates on the Apex's speed, maneuverability, and nose riding capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or someone looking for a board that combines flow and looseness, this review will provide valuable insights. Watch now and get inspired for your next wave-riding adventure

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