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Harley Ingleby MID 6 Surfboard Review

Surfing His Harley Ingleby MID 6 in an 8-foot Hawaiian Wave

One of our regular customers at Hawaiian South Shore recently brought in his new mid 6 surfboard, designed by renowned shaper Harley Ingleby. He's been taking it out to surf at various spots, including Sunset, and was recently seen catching an 8 ft Hawaiian wave – an impressive feat for any surfer!

Equipped with reactors as fins, he opted for a quad setup instead of a thruster, and has been impressed with the board's performance even in choppy conditions. It's clear that the MID 6 surfboard is a solid choice for anyone looking for a versatile board that can handle a variety of waves.

But that's not all – our customer also got his hands on an HIHP board, which has been highly anticipated among his peers. The HIHP boasts an impressive design that's sure to turn heads in the water. And while our customer used to get custom cords for his boards, he's now opted to purchase them at a shop, making his surf arsenal complete with the MID 6 and HIHP.

We love seeing our customers stoked on their new gear and taking on bigger waves, and we're sure that the MID 6 and HIHP will continue to deliver impressive performances in the hands of skilled surfers. Keep shredding!