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RIP Mikala Jones: Saying Goodbye to One of Hawaii’s Most Talented, Humble, and Beloved Surfer

RIP Mikala Jones - Saying Goodbye to One of Hawaii’s Most Talented, Humble, and Beloved Surfer

RIP Mikala Jones

The Jones family is the closest thing Hawaii has had to surfing royalty in decades. From photographer/shaper/patriarch John Jones and his beloved wife Vi to their legendary children Malia (a former professional surfer and international fashion model), Mikala (a lifelong professional surfer and one of the pioneers of POV barrel shots), Daniel (also a former professional surfer and currently one of the up-and-coming shapers on the North Shore), and younger brother Keoni (who is also a naturally talented athlete, sponsored surfer, and charger in his own right), the entire family and their famous Rocky Point house have been at the center of Hawaiian surfing for nearly half a century. They are loved by virtually everyone who meets them and have influenced and affected pretty much everyone in the Hawaiian surf community, not to mention the surf community around the world.

Sadly, the Jones family (and, by extension, the entire surf community) suffered a terrible loss this past week when Mikala Jones had a tragic accident while surfing in Indonesia. After a wipeout at Awera Resort in the Mentawais, his fin struck his leg and severed his femoral artery. Although Mikala was rushed to the Mentawais Hospital, he was sadly pronounced dead upon arrival.

The surf industry and community at large have spent the past few days shell-shocked at the loss of one of our most widely respected and loved brothers. Mikala was one of surfing’s greatest explorers, having discovered dozens of world-class waves over the years, many of which he kept secret rather than exposing them for the sake of self-promotion. His POV barrel shots were some of the most beautiful surf images ever captured and featured on the cover of dozens of magazines, including The Surfers Journal. He was also a successful competitive surfers, winning two junior world championships before shifting focus to his freesurfing career, which he pursued for more than two decades while splitting his time between his homes on Oahu and Bali.

But for all of his talents in the water, it was on land where Mikala was most impressive. He was humble, soft-spoken, and friendly to everyone he met, sharing his aloha with thousands of people during his career and travels and leaving a meaningful and positive impact on each one. He also indirectly impacted virtually every surfer alive through his POV surf photography and grace in the water. More importantly, Mikala was a dedicated husband and father, building a life with a beautiful family in Bali, including his wife Em and his daughters Isabella and Violet. He was also a beloved brother to his siblings and a son that his parents could be infinitely proud of.

The loss of Mikala this week is one that we will mourn for years to come. Despite all that he had accomplished at 44 years of age, he had really only begun to live and share his passion with the world. We will miss Mikala’s eternal stoke, his sarcastic smirk, his humble yet hilarious demeanor, and the love that he had for his family, friends, and surfing.


Our thoughts and love are with the Jones family. 🙏