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LightSpeed Surfboard Technology by ...LOST

…Lost’s LightSpeed




Light Speed is …Lost’s proprietary construction process for building the world’s most advanced surfboards.

Combining lightweight EPS foam, high-strength epoxy resin, Rapid-Reflex carbon fiber and Innegra fibers that help dampen vibrations, Light Speed boards are extremely lightweight, fast down the line, and proven through thousands of hours of R&D by the world’s best shapers and surfers.

The proprietary fiberglass blend and woven carbon fiber adds strength and pop, loading up under the feet and providing a lively feel through turns, while the two aligned center exo-stringers on both the deck and bottom of the board provide torsional twist for a more sensitive and responsive board.

Meanwhile, the fused carbon fiber tail patch increases strength and transfers more input into the rails. When all of these elements are combined, the result is a fast, responsive, lightweight board that doesn’t sacrifice strength or durability. 

Lost Boards in LightSpeed Construction: Driver 2.0, California Twin, Rad Ripper, RNF '96, Sub-Driver 2.0