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Firewire Deckpad Weekend Thin Foot Black

Weekend Traction Pad

Designed for the SURFER seeking trim and glide above all else, but just enough grip to accommodate drawn out shoulder turns better than wax can, the WEEKEND pad has created with MID LENGHTS in mind - shapes like Rob Machado's SUNDAY or HARLEY INGLEBY'S MOE.

Designed in four pieces, the WEEKEND is longer than most traction pads, curt specifically to accommodate different turning positions beneath your back foot, whether climbing the wave face with back foot or more forward on the tail, or cutting sharp angles in the pocket with back foot behind the fin cluster.

Riding mid length surfboards creates opportunity for shuffling stance, and the WEEKEND accommodates this perfectly.


2.5mm thick | Rectangle tread | 3M adhesive backing


$48.00 USD

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