Watch World Longboarding Champion HARLEY INGLEBY talks about MOE Surfboard πŸ‘‡


πŸš€ Liam 170 lbs loves how the MOE paddles in his everyday surf! Watch his review here.

πŸš€ Mark 5'10" 160 lbs got a 7'4" MOE - super stoked with his mighty mighty MOEΒ πŸ˜‚.Β Watch his reviewΒ here.

πŸš€ Bryan 5'6" 150 lbs got a 7'2" MOE - the best investment he ever made on his surfing hobby. Works well on 10 ft wave 😱. ClickΒ hereΒ to watchΒ his review.

πŸš€ Matt is surfing his dream waves with the Moe.Β Click here to watchΒ his review.

πŸš€ Rich Love HisΒ 7'2"Β MOE withΒ Harley Quad Setup.Β Check out his review here.

πŸš€ KevinΒ can't get enough of his Moe and waiting for the Quad Fins to try it out.Β Check out his reviewΒ here.

πŸš€ Blake now got his favorite 7'2" Moe on his quiver.Β Check out his reviewΒ here.

πŸš€Β Roxanne bought the 7'2"Moe and everybody's looking at her. Click here to watch her review.



Model: Moe - A Funboard with lots of volume without sacrificing maneuverability.

Ability: Beginners that are going to go to the next level and want something to grow into β€” Pro level surfers like Harley and our Hawaii Riders that take this out on small knee to a few feet overhead days.

Wave Size: Good all-around Small to Medium Wave board. (Knee - 3’ overhead) It Handles mush really well and really starts to open up from belly button size waves and up.

Type of Waves: Anything on the South Shore and country up to 3’ overhead. If your normal spot is deep water break or weaker spot maybe get the bigger size for Beginner to Intermediate surfers. Foam is your friend. The board is light so the bigger one is still easy to maneuver.

Fin Setup - 7’2 , 7’6" FCS 5 fin. 8’0" 4+1

CONSTRUCTION Thunderbolt Xeon (TB Red) - Light but not corky and durable. TB was designed and test for years for pure performance. Designed Flex and Twist. The Flex loads and project. The Twits, to bend and fit the curve of the wave when on the rail.

DESCRIPTION: This is perfect for people looking to go shorter but who does not want to lose padding power. Most funboards tend to have lots of volume in the nose forcing you to choke up on the board but they shifted the volume back under the chest making it easier to paddle into the wave. Another advantage to this, when you stand your foot placement is toward the tail making it less likely to shuffle around the board to find the sweet spot.Β 


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