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JS INDUSTRIES Big Baron Surfboard

The Big Baron

A modified mid-length with modern bottom contours and a twin-fin setup, the Big Baron from JS is the answer to cruisey, down-day surfing and down-the-line trim. Big Baron provides extra paddle power, increased speed down the line, and unexpected maneuverability due to a vee to double concave bottom, a round tail, and low rails.
  • Controlled in the pocket and quick rail to rail, board still manages to generate its own speed due to the low rocker and increased volume throughout the full plan shape.
  • Available in sizes between 6'4" (34.3 liters) and 7'6" (57.9 liters), the Big Baron from JS is a great option if you are looking to take a break from your shortboard, clean up your surfing, or simply enjoy yourself without feeling the need to push hard and overthink your surfing. 

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