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Rake Noserider Longboard Fins

While an upright fin provides the most stability for noseriding, you actually get quite a bit of stability from any fin that is long enough to keep the tail from spinning out (typically around 9 to 10 inches or longer)—and not everyone has the power or desire) to surf a stiff, unwieldy board with a huge pivot fin on it.

This is where raked fins come in. Typically wide at the base and then tapered toward the tip, these fins sweep back toward the tail so that the tip is a few inches behind the trailing edge of the base (we call this sweep “rake”).

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Raked fins tend to allow for easier and more aggressive turning, but if they are long and stiff enough (typically made of fiberglass), they still provide a smooth, stable ride when you are on the nose.

In essence, these raked single fins are a compromise between a pure noserider and a board that is a bit more maneuverable—but they still provide a traditional, logging feel.

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