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Free shipping on most accessories and apparels!

Harley Ingleby Surfboards

Harley Ingleby Surfboards at Hawaiian South Shore

Born in Coffs Harbour in 1983, Harley Ingleby started surfing as soon as he could walk. His surf-mad father Mark encouraged Harley from the beginning, and also happened to have one of Australia’s more interesting surfboard collections, a collection that wasn’t just for looking at. Harley was encouraged to try all kinds of weird and wonderful surf-craft, and by the time he reached his teens, he could ride anything from a 5-foot fish to a 10-foot log...

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  • HI4 (1)
  • 61L - 65L (1)
  • 66L - 70L (2)
  • 76L (1)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (2)