What longboards do you guys carry?

All the longboards we carry are only Thunderbolt Technology. The boards are tough, light , not corky and have a customized flex for each model. Thunderbolt Technology board are available in CJ Nelson, Harley Ingleby, Ben Skinner, Kai Sallas boards, Taylor Jensen

What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt Technologies is a very unique board that starts with an EPS (durable and lighter) blank. Then an internal flex control component is added that’s adjusted to provide the right amount of flex needed in each section of the board according to how each model is supposed to surf. The boards essentially get designed from the inside out based on what the surfers and designers want. The boards are 100% hand layups, which makes for the high level of custom tuning possible. Once these hand-built blanks are finished, they are laminated with a variety of materials for customized performance, rebound and external strength. The result is a board that’s fine tuned to perform as designed for each model.

Can I customize a Thunderbolt board?

(CJ Nelson, Harley Inglbey, Ben Skinner, Kai Sallas boards, Taylor Jenson) Sorry , you can’t change the dimension or get a custom color.

Can I check out what colors are available? Do you have a color catalog?

Yes here is a link to all the Thunderbolt boards.

How to choose Longboard Fins?

With so many options available to you, choosing the right longboard can be a confusing and complicated matter. And to make things even more confusing, you have to choose the right fin , too. Click here to read the ultimate guide on choosing a longboard fin.


How to choose FCS Shortboard Fins?

While much emphasis is put on the rocker, rails, volume, bottom contours, and the various other aspects of board design, fins are hardly ever discussed. And yet they might just be the most important part of a surfboard. After all, they literally allow us to steer our boards through barrels and turns!

Fortunately for those of us who like to experiment with different designs, removable fin systems make it easy to do. FCS has been a leader in the removable fin system market for decades, and the current FCS II collection features a variety of templates and constructions that work for a variety of different surfers and conditions.

Click here to read the ultimate guide on choosing an FCS shortboard fin.


For Custom Order Boards, please check out this form. We do custom orders for LOST and JS INDUSTRIES surfboards.


How do I track my order?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order and that email will include a link to your order status page with live updates. Additionally, we will email you again with your tracking number when your order is ready to ship.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

Your shipment tracking number is generated when the order is processed and ready for shipping but please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking number to become active in the tracking system.

Do you ship internationally?

Hawaiian South Shore ships to all 50 states and to Japan, Ireland, and England.