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How to Keep Sharks & Rays Away?

After More than a Decade of Development Sharkbanz technology has been developed over the course of a decade and is proven to effectively deter sharks and stingrays. Our products utilize electromagnetic deterrent fields to reduce the risk of shark and stingray encounters, safeguard your catch, and make your ocean adventures more enjoyable and comfortable.

1. Effective Patented Magnetic Technology
The products are based on a patented magnetic technology that generates a powerful electromagnetic field. This field serves as a warning signal to sharks and stingrays, deterring them from approaching and keeping you safe.

2. Simplicity and Effectiveness
Products are designed to be both simple and effective. They do not require batteries or charging and are always ON. Whether worn on the wrist or ankle, or used during fishing, they continuously emit an active deterrent field, providing you with an added layer of protection against sharks and rays.

3. Suitable for All Depths
The products are designed for professional divers and deep sea fishermen alike. You can rely on them at any depth, as they adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices for use in any environment.