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Veia Leash

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Control with the Veia Leash

Veia leashes believe the perfect leash is one you barely notice while surfing. Through extensive testing with pro surfer John John Florence, we created leashes with the ideal balance of flexibility and resilient strength.

Leashes utilize breakthrough design:

Slim Cuffs - Dual-durometer silicone molds ergonomically to ankles without chafing, thanks to strategic interior grooves that eliminate contact points.

Strong Cords - Proprietary urethane blend optimized for tensile strength and stretch resistance, cushioning wave forces.

Protective Railsavers - Neoprene railsaver with extra interior padding prevents board abrasions and dings.

Rigorous Testing - Leashes tested in punishing conditions to prove seaworthy durability that performs day in, day out.

By focusing on comfort, premium materials, and relentless innovation, we developed leashes that move naturally with your body so you can focus on riding, not adjusting your leash. Veia delivers featherlight durability you can trust in any surf.

See the complete specs and learn more about its unique engineering and design process:

  • Collaboration with surfing legend John John Florence
  • Hundreds of leash prototypes rigorously tested
  • Custom formulated materials and components
  • Years of R&D dedicated to achieving the ideal leash

Experience confidence and peace of mind in the surf with Veia Leash.

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