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Taylor Jensen Special T Surfboard Review

Special T Surfboard Review 

We caught up with experienced surfer Jonson after he took his brand new Thunderbolt Specialty model out for its first session. Jonson has been surfing for over 10 years and decided to try out the Thunderbolt based on a glowing recommendation from his local surf shop. The specialty construction and new technology used by Thunderbolt immediately appealed to Jonson, who was looking to achieve faster glide speed and improved performance.

As soon as Jonson paddled out on the Thunderbolt, he could feel how fast and easily it glided through the water. He shared that the board felt perfectly balanced and matched to his body weight, which made takeoffs incredibly smooth and effortless. Within just minutes of riding, Jonson realized this board was going to allow him to reach a new level of performance. After surfing for a decade, Jonson had high expectations for his dream board - and the Thunderbolt Specialty surpassed them all. He said riding it felt like an extension of his own body in the water.

The board allowed Jonson to glide faster and turn sharper than ever before. He is absolutely thrilled with his new Thunderbolt and said the smooth, balanced feel and fast glide exceeded his expectations. For an experienced surfer like Jonson, finding the perfect high-performance board is a game changer. After 10 years of surfing, he is confident he finally found his dream ride in the Thunderbolt Specialty model.

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